Otto Valdemar Bengtsson
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Apr 13, 2018
Hello! My name is Jan-Erik Öberg, I live in Skövde, Sweden. I'm looking for information about my grandmother’s uncle Otto Waldemar Bengtsson born in Gothenburg, Sweden, March 12 1885 and he died November 1 1965 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Otto Waldemar Bengtsson worked as a sailor on US warships during World War I. Is there any information on which ships Otto was working on? My grandmother told me that Otto's ship was torpedoed, is there any information about this? Otto received a pension from the US every month, how much? Is there any data on how long Otto stayed and worked in the US? Otto's brother Axel Birger Bengtsson worked in the US in the same way as Otto Waldemar Bengtsson. Axel Birger was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, March 3, 1872; he died November 7, 1948 in Gothenburg, Sweden. I am updating my family tree and writing a family book about my family. Thank you for answering my questions, if I have not come to the right place, I would be grateful if you could indicate the correct place. Regards/